T Power Transformers is a leading manufacturer of transformers, specializing in the production of high-quality and reliable electrical equipment. With a strong commitment to excellence and innovation, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry. Here is an overview of our company and its offerings:

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  • +91 9057280534, +91 7742169697
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Special Transformer

Special Purpose Transformers

(Transformers for Special Applications)

T Power specializes in manufacturing a variety of special purpose oil cooled and aircooled transformers as per customer requirement.

  • *  Furnace Transformers
  • *  Earthing Transformers
  • *  Welding Transformers
  • *  Auto Transformers
  • *  Rectifier Transformers
  • *  Dry Type Flame-proof Transformers,etc.

Standard Fittings

Include Lifting Lugs, Oil level Gauge, Rating & Diagram Plate, HV & LV Bushings with fittings, Skid Base/Roller Arrangement, Silica gel Breather, Drain/Filter Valves, Thermometer, Pressure Relief Device/Explosion vent.

Optional Fittings

Include Terminal Connectors, Magnetic Oil Level Gauge, Oil Temperature Indicator, Winding Temperature Indicator, Buchholz Relay, RTCC Panel, Condenser Type Bushing for voltage class of 33 kV & 66 kV, Off circuit Tap Switch / On-load Tap Changer with RTCC, HV / LV Cable Boxes, Disconnecting, Epoxy / Touch proof Bushings with connector, Siphon Thermo Filter, Conservator, Lightening Arrester, Arcing Horns, Protective Fuse, Secondary Circuit Breaker, Bird Guard.

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