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Ring Manual Unit

Ring Manual Unit (VCB)

Ring Main Units (RMU) can be used efficiently in any compact substation or facility. Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) technology is best suited for applications involving medium voltage. Vacuum technology for greater voltages has been explored. Metal-clad switchgear and porcelain encased circuit breakers both used vacuum circuit breakers.

Ring Main Unit-SSV is a type of ring main unit (RMU) used in medium voltage power distribution networks.

The “NE” in the model name stands for “Neutral Earthed,” indicating that the RMU has a neutral earthing switch for safety purposes. The “SSV” stands for “Stainless Steel Version,” indicating that the enclosure of the RMU is made of stainless steel, which provides better corrosion resistance and durability.

This RMU is designed for outdoor use and can operate at a voltage of 11,000 volts with a rated current of 630 amperes. It consists of three load-break switches that can be operated manually, as well as a vacuum circuit breaker for protection against short circuits and overloads.


In a secondary distribution system, the ring main unit is employed. It is mostly utilized to provide a continuous power source. It also safeguards your secondary side transformer from transient currents on occurrence. The vacuum is attached as the arc cooling medium in vacuum circuit breakers. The vacuum has the best insulating properties. As an outcome, it outperforms all other mediums in terms of arc cooling. If you find the Vacuum circuit breaker purposefully, you can contact the leading VCB manufacturer for further inquiry.

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